Behind the Print: Blue Shell

Here's how our Mario Kart blue shell print came to be. Can you avoid its deadly clutches?

10 November 2017

Behind the Scenes

Inking Pokemon, Sonic, Zelda for Inktober

October means dark evenings, spooky pumpkins and counting the weeks till Christmas. But October also means Inktober; a fun yearly tradition that anyone should try!

29 October 2017


7 Mario 3D Levels You Need to Try

It was a tough ask, but we've picked out seven of our favourite Mario levels from his past escapades. What are your favourites?

27 October 2017


Unbelievably Unsettling Pokedex Entries Revealed

Lurking in the shadows, however, are a scary crop of monsters waiting to feast. We've DMed Professor Oak for a handful of slightly unsettling Pokedex entries that are bound to scare…

24 October 2017


5 Farting Facts About Wario

Cheeky, money-driven and powerful; raise a glass to “bad Mario” with five facts you may not know about Wario.

21 October 2017


Retro Gamer Ireland Interview

We caught up with Naoise, who runs Retro Gamer Ireland, on how he got started, rarities and upcoming cons!

16 October 2017