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The Biggest Gaming Anime and Cartoon shows on Netflix

The Biggest Gaming Anime and Cartoon shows on Netflix

Saturday mornings – don’t you just miss them? A hot drink, bowl of cereal and anime/cartoon shows. Good times! In today’s blog let’s look at some of the biggest gaming anime and cartoon shows on Netflix.


The Biggest Gaming Anime and Cartoon shows on Netflix

Pop on a brew and tune into these amazing shows. From dimension hopping hedgehogs to monster-catching adventures, card battles to vampire hunting – there are lot of great gaming shows to tuck into! Here are just a few of our favourite gaming anime and cartoon shows on Netflix.

Pokemon Indigo League (Netflix)

Of course, we must start with one of the biggest gaming anime and cartoon shows on Netflix. Growing up with Pokemon, I loved and still love the Pokémon anime! The series has been around since the games began, following the adventures of a boy from pallet town with eternal youth. Ash Ketchum and his adorable Pikachu wander the world to become the Pokemon Master.

The Pokemon anime is one of the best gaming and anime shows on Netflix

After 25 years doing his thing, the trainer’s arc is sadly coming to an end this year. But you can leap back through time like a celebi and see where it all began. From that very first encounter with a disgruntled Pikachu through Ash meeting his original team for the first time.

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Super Mario Bros Super Show (YouTube / Amazon)

This one is a huge trip back in time to the late 80s, where Nintendo were growing massively thanks to the huge popularity of Super Mario Bros. on the NES. Everyone was going slightly bonkers over two plumbers, a princess, and her mushroom minions.

A picture of Luigi and Mario in the 90s cartoon

Over in the US, the hype grew into one of the most iconic cartoons/live-action shows, with wrester Lou Albano playing Mario and Danny Wells as Luigi. Each episode started with a little skit, and then a classic 90s cartoon segment inspired by the games. We had iconic items, classic baddies, and a cheeky Bowser. The series is on YouTube and Amazon and is well worth a watch!

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Castlevania (Netflix)

Looking for something a little darker? Castlevania is one of the biggest gaming anime and cartoon shows on Netflix at the moment. Following the events of the classic 80s games and more recent chapters, the series is a gritty take on the Belmont clan as Trevor heads up against Dracula and his legion of rather blood hungry vampires.

Three protagonists from the Castlevania show on Netflix

Slick, brutal animation explores the lore of the series – diving deeper into the characters, their motivations and going beyond the whip-cracking of the classic Capcom slide-scrollers. Vampire battles your kind of thing? Definitely worth a watch on Netflix with 4 seasons to bite into.

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Sonic Prime (Netflix)

Jumping to something a bit more recent, Sonic Prime just launched on Netflix and is a huge dimension leaping story for the blue hog. It all starts off with your classic Green Hill tale, familiar faces, and baddies. A classic. But then thanks to little mishap, things go a little bit wonky, and Sonic ends up transported to different dimensions. Future, past, pirate – the show is super fun and feels very much like the classic Sonic comics.

Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends posing from one of the biggest gaming shows on Netflix

The animation style is delicious – absolutely fluid, fast and really keeps you hooked into these different worlds Sonic ends up visiting. Currently the first season has 8 episodes to devour on Netflix. Sonic Prime was one of the biggest gaming anime and cartoon shows on Netflix in 2022.

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Tekken: Bloodline (Netflix)

Speaking of fluid animation and action, another show that’s worth checking out on Netflix is Tekken: Bloodline. It’s a delicious treat for Tekken lovers, diving more into the series lore. We end up transported back to the 90s, with the series following the events of Tekken 3 as series protagonist Jin Kazama heads out to defeat a freakish creature. Our protagonist starts to harness powers that lurk within…

A picture of 2 characters from he Tekken series on Netflix

Fans of the fighting series will love the references – familiar faces, iconic moves and that brutal action to become the King of Iron Fist. It’s a short and sweet series that’s worth checking out on Netflix.

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Yu-Gi-Oh (Netflix)

Yu-Gi-Ohhhh! Much like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh is one of the fan favourite anime series of the early 00s, following the timeless tale of a young card lover, Yugi Moto, who inherits an alter-ego, ancient Egyptian spirit. Sounds like a totally normal day’s life for a young lad who loves trading card games!

A picture of Yugi from the Yu-Gi-Oh series!

The creator of the cards ends up coming along and stealing Yugi’s grandfather’s spirit and the adventure begins. Tense monster battles, a lovable cast and tonnes of meme moments make the original Yu-Gi-Oh series a much watch! Yu-Gi-oh is one of the biggest gaming anime and cartoon shows on Netflix, with a tonne of fans!

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What are your favourite gaming and anime shows on Netflix? Let us know with a comment!


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