Featured Cosplayer: Amy Thunderbolt Talks Cosplay and Toy Photography

Featured Cosplayer: Amy Thunderbolt Talks Cosplay and Toy Photography

When it comes to Pokémon cosplay, one of the most recognised trainers has to be Amy Thunderbolt! With her costume creations seen by millions of gamers, Pokémon fans and cosplay enthusiasts alike, Amy Thunderbolt captures a striking likeness to iconic Pokémon and gaming characters. It’s great to see Amy loving our Team Instinct / Zapdos tee, too! Click here to shop Pokemon shirts!

We’re big fans of Amy’s work, in particular her toy photography. As an aspiring photographer, Amy has developed a signature style, with vivid colours and intricate details in the toys/figures we all know and love.

Amy tells us what it means to cosplay, her journey so far and plans for the future!

1. Hi Amy Thunderbolt, tell us a little bit about you!

I am an Australian lass who makes cosplay, does photoshoots and photography.

Amy Thunderbolt pokemon cosplay photo

2. What made you enter the world of cosplay and why the name Amy Thunderbolt?

I had always wanted to go to a convention, so back in 2010 I finally did. I knew people would dress up so I made something and went. It was super fun! A lot different back then, though.

The name thunderbolt comes from my original Tumblr blog where I would post and make gifs of old games. I did this before I fully got into cosplay, so not to confuse people I decided to use it for cosplay too, but with my name.

3. What would you say is the hardest part of cosplaying?

Getting the motivation and time to make stuff. It’s hard for me at times because I work a lot and then in my free time I am either too tired, need to sleep, or have silly responsibilities to attend to.

Amy Thunderbolt pokemon Misty cosplay photo

4. And how about the best thing about cosplay?

I like it as a creative outlet and wearing things you never would normally wear… and excuse to buy wigs and contacts, of course!

5. Your different cosplay looks are so versatile and varied! Tricky question, but what has been your favourite to create so far?

Probably Morrigan, lol. Just because it was a bit different to my usual stuff and I really liked the colour scheme and wig.

Amy Thunderbolt darkstalkers cosplay photo

6. We love your Pokémon character cosplays, Amy Thunderbolt – especially the iconic Hilda! Who would be your ideal Pokémon pet to hang with your kitty Turbo?

Turbo doesn’t like other cats so probably not a cat Pokémon. Maybe a Snorlax so they can sleep and eat together.

Amy Thunderbolt turbo cat

7. We were first introduced to your work through your impressive toy photography! What are your favourites to shoot?

Pokémon figurines and anime girls! Although I don’t have too many anime girls, I do have a fairly juicy wish list, haha.

Amy Thunderbolt toy photography pikachu

8. What equipment to you use to take these snaps?

I use a canon 700D, a tripod and remote (if self-shooting) and either my 50mm or 35mm Sigma art lens… but since getting the 35mm, I haven’t used my 50.

9. Any tips for someone looking to start out as a toy photographer?

If you can, get the cheap 50mm 1.8. Never failed me until I had my car accident and it broke. I had for 3 years and it always took lovely shots of figures. Nice background blur and always sharp.

Amy Thunderbolt cosplay

10. In the world of cosplay, who would be your biggest inspiration?

I guess everyone really. For the fact they can manage to find time and motivation is inspiring lol.

11. If you could cosplay as any dream character, who would it be?

I still really want to do Elesa but when I tried to make her Pokémon Black and White outfit I couldn’t make it “cover” and be proportionate, so I guess her Pokémon Black and White 2 outfit would be a dream instead!

Amy Thunderbolt cosplay

12. Any teasers for what you’re working on at the mo’?

Some stuff for Patreon, I am planning on making one for the New Year. Cosplay wise, I want to tidy up Lust and cosplay a Team Skull girl.

Amy Thunderbolt toy photography metroid samus

13. In-between cosplay creating and photography, what games are on your playlist at the moment?

Pokémon Moon, I haven’t had a chance to really sit down and play it.

Amy Thunderbolt back to the future

14. Where can fans keep up with your work online?

You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, DeviantArt and Etsy.

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