More Amazing Animal Crossing Dream Islands to Visit

More Amazing Animal Crossing Dream Islands to Visit

There are so many amazing Animal Crossing Dream Islands out there; bustling with creative ideas! From futuristic wastelands to funky themed worlds; there’s always some amazing Animal Crossing Dream Island inspiration to draw from. We recently visited lush forest landscapes, heroic Zelda Animal Crossing islands and post-apocalyptic worlds. So, much, fun!

Amazing Animal Crossing Dream Island inspiration

Let’s take a look at some Animal Crossing Dream Islands inspiration – there’s also a little YouTube video showcasing these fantastic island designs.

Aenoria by Cherebi

Dream Code: DA-4736-2161-9125

Aenoria is absolutely stunning, woven with incredibly lush forestry! It’s a true haven of wildlife and flowers! I love how everything felt super delicate: organic yet placed in such a super detailed way. Paths are carved into grass, leading you through a stunning forest area, brimming with flowers and waterfall pieces. It feels like a stunning little coastal village, tucked away and free from tourists. Aenoria is a magical little gem you’d feel lucky to explore! I loved the mushroom and fall theme, bridges and paths drawing you to scenic spots. The little picnic spots and more open area on the west of the island? Stunning. A truly gorgeous village to explore, with so much inspiration to draw from! Head on over to Cherebi’s page on Instagram for more geeky bits!

Forest core? Animal Crossing Dream Island inspiration

Naydinfar by naydinfarcrossing

Dream Code: DA-5701-1254-5408

A big thanks to Chevrey on our stream who recommended the island of Naydinfar by the awesome Animal Crossing artist Val (naydinfarcrossing on Instagram). As soon as we awoke from our slumber, we grabbed a ladder and started to wander about. Naydinfar is the definitive Zelda themed Animal Crossing island. The incredible Castle Town is an amazing centrepiece, with little nods to the Zelda series. Of course it has a huge castle towering at the top. Beyond the royal town, we had a stunning recreation of Kakariko Village. I loved the pumpkins that littered the village in Zelda style and Impa’s wonderful pad at the top. It truly embraces that Zelda feeling! Naydinfar even has a nod to the Desert and the Lost Woods to stumble into. A true Zelda paradise!

Zelda in Animal Crossing Dream Island inspiration

Kosai by Sofi

Dream Code: DA-1164-3214-8503

We first spotted Kosai in a YouTube video from MushroomGames and just had to visit. Kosai is a deep, blue, futuristic Cyberpunk landscape. Count us in! You awake in a world that’s reminicent of Bladerunner – filled with old magazines, boxes, oil tanks. Is this a prediction of our future to come? All these objects build the post apocalyptic feel: surveillance cameras and servers make up the hub of Kosai. We’ve got  signals and neon lights; an absolutely incredible take on the theme! It’s hard to believe this is Animal Crossing! The best thing was how the objects glitch due to the game’s limitation – but it worked so well because of the futuristic theme. Is the Matrix collapsing? Such a great design!

Futuristic Bladerunner world? This island is amazing

Brad Pitt Island (ブラッドピッ島 Burradopitto) by ボボみ Bobo mi)

Dream Code: DA-1627-5603-6916

Brad Pitt Island isn’t Hollywood elite, but actually a traditional Japanese town. The sheer volume of objects, much like Kosai, is incredible. We’re greeted by genius otaku set-pieces in what feels like Japan in a nutshell. Gorgeous traditional floral patterns and waves of vending machines and market stalls. Corridors of gorgeous designs and setting the mood perfectly. One of the standout features had to be a multi-level book store that lures you into a basement of paperbacks. Genius! There’s just so much to soak up on the island, from ideas on how to place stalls together to genius ways of layering things together. Definitely a place to visit – the perfect Animal Crossing Dream Island inspiration.

Incredible Animal Crossing Dream Island inspiration - a Japanese village

Geektopia by Rob’s Geek Cave

Dream Code: DA-4151-1246-7240

If you know Rob, then you’ll know that he is the ultimate geek. The island of Geektopia is Rob in a nutshell, a playground of wonderfully fun things to explore. We start by roaming a picturesque broadwalk that feels straight of a British pier. Roaming around into a gorgeous residential area that’s brimming with this sort of costal, relaxing charm. Climbing up to the clifftop, arguably the highlight of the island: an awesome Mario inspired maze that I just had to try to speed-run through! Genius traps and blocks that make things super challenging! Absolutely loved the scenic spots, from the waterfall bound museum to the cliff-side homes. If only I could live here IRL, just so bright and pretty – to be by the sea! Definitely check out Rob’s Geek Cave over on Instagram.

A Mario themed Animal Crossing Dream Island

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What amazing Animal Crossing Dream Island inspiration did you draw from? 

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