7 Delicious Gaming Bento Boxes to Inspire

7 Delicious Gaming Bento Boxes to Inspire

Bento boxes are amongst one of the most wonderful kitchen essentials, the perfect way to get in a packed lunch by crafting delicious morsels into smaller containers. My mouth is watering at the very thought! Some super-talented culinary artists have gotten creative…. introducing the gaming bento box!

These geeky bento box designs are a genius way of injecting a little bit of fun to the 12 o’clock tupperwear party, and of course Pokémon, Mario and Zelda are prime candidates. Why not turn that slab of delicious cheese into a Pikachu? A slice of tomato can be twisted into a Mario hat, perhaps?

So it may sound peculiar, but why not give it a go?

Here are some geeky bento boxes that are sure to impress, certainly beating a sandwich in a foil wrapper any day of the week:

There are mice in my rice

Pikachu, the ever-adorable electric mouse Pokémon. You have to love the little bugger, and this Bento box idea is sure to make even the most serious trainer smile before tucking into the rice and deep-fried pork that lies beneath.


Source: My MealBox

A tip for a Mudkip

Another Pokémon bento idea, with the super-adorable Mudkip taking prime position over the bed of rice, plus a neat Pokeball shaped onigiri for good measure.


Source: Scorchie 

A hero’s time for tea

Do you recognise this pair of heroes? It’s Link and Princess Zelda from The Wind Waker, made up from delicately cut cheese.


Source: We Wanna Play

A good lunch, mapped out

Continuing the Zelda theme is this super-healthy take on the quirky map maker himself, Tingle. Eggs and a wee bit of lettuce, you’ll find the lost shards in no time!


Source: Anna the Red

Say “hi” to this vibrant bento box

This bento is way past cute; a vibrant pink Kirby sits proud above a bed of vegetables. Can you resist?


Source: OMGiri

The race to lunch time is on

This Mario bento is the lunch of racing champions, with cute slices of cheese for stars, and the porky Nintendo plumber made from, well, pork.


Source: Pinterest

Sizzling hot Mario bento box

Mario’s next adventure is levelled up with spicy slices, succulent pork morsels and mouthwatering prawn tempura that’ll make Bowser spin about in jealousy!


Source: Dorkly

What will you make in your next bento box adventure? Let us know in the comments!


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