Our Nintendo Predictions for 2023 – Switch and More!

Our Nintendo Predictions for 2023 – Switch and More!

2023, how are we here already? Time is certainly flying! In today’s blog we’re kicking off the new year by looking at a list of Nintendo 2023 predictions!

15 Nintendo 2023 predictions

What could Nintendo be brewing up this year? The Nintendo Switch is turning 6 and as we creep up to a new console over the horizon, things will start to slow down a little. That said, there’s plenty Nintendo can do to keep the Switch fires alight! From Metroid to Game Boy, Pokémon to Detective Pikachu. Let’s take a look at our list of Nintendo 2023 predictions.

1. Metroid Prime Remasters

It was heavily rumoured for last year, the return of the much-loved 3D Metroid Prime series. Months went by and nothing. Leaks and rumours fizzled out like Ridley being blasted into the bitterness of space!

Could this be the year of Samus and co. once again? It’s one of the more likely in our list of Nintendo 2023 predictions. We know that in some dark, top-secret office that Metroid Prime 4 is supposedly in the works, so why not introduce new players into the timeline by remastering the original games?

Picture of Samus from the Metroid series - part of our Nintendo 2023 predictions

Metroid Dread performed incredibly well and really saw a resurgence in the series; so, 2023 would be the perfect time to remaster Metroid Prime.


2. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC

This one is perhaps one of the more likely contenders in our list of Nintendo 2023 predictions: DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet would make a lot of sense. The pair of Pokemon Gen 9 games launched late last year and became the quickest selling Nintendo and Pokemon game, ever.

Despite some technical niggles, the duo raked in 10 million new players in just 3 days.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet screenshot

The hype for Pokemon is still there and getting expanded DLC areas plus fan-favourite critters would be a great way to keep the game going.

3. Detective Pikachu 2

Of course, it can’t be a list of Nintendo 2023 predictions without more Pokemon content! Nintendo and The Pokémon Company could keep the interest flowing by bringing out more spin-off titles. One of these could be the elusive Detective Pikachu 2 game.

Picture of Pikachu from Detective Pikachu

We haven’t heard much about the Switch sequel, and a relatively quieter year could be good to slot in a little pipe-smoking Pikachu content. The game could even tie into Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet by introducing some gen-9 Pokemon. A little detour to Paldea would be neat!

4. Tomodachi Life sequel or port

From Pokemon to Mii, could we finally see a return to Tomodachi Life? This long-lost 3DS gem is often included in our list of Nintendo 2023 predictions. It would be a great Switch inclusion given how much of a fanbase the game has. If you’re unfamiliar, Tomodachi Life sees you create Mii characters that move in together. Friendships, relationships, arguments, weird outings – it’s such a fun little game!

A picture of the Tomodachi Life Island

The game was an absolute meme on the 3DS. It’s about time Nintendo revisit the concept and keep those Mii alive with a Switch sequel or port.

5. New 3D Donkey Kong Game

Donkey Kong deserves a new game, and a 3D outing would be incredibly fitting for the Kong clan. With Donkey Kong and his banana-loving posse having what looks like quite a big role in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. film, it could be perfect timing to really spotlight the slightly neglected franchise.

A render of Donkey Kong from the Super Mario Bros. film

We only ever had a 3D Donkey Kong game on the Nintendo 64, so it’s about time we get another attempt. Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a great example of a 3D platformer, so maybe HAL Laboratory could give Donkey Kong a good go…?

6. New Mario Sports Game

We’ve had golf, we’ve duelled in tennis and scored in football, so what’s left for Mario and his sports games? It’s unlikely we’d get another one of the main sports spin-offs until a new console, but could we get another compilation game?

Mario Sports Superstars render

A sequel to Mario Sports Superstars would be a neat thing to see, perhaps introducing less-common sports events into the mix. Plus a solid RPG mode to build up your sporting career! This one is probably one of the less-likely games in our list of Nintendo 2023 predictions, but here’s hoping!

7. New main-series Mario or Mario Movie Game

It’s been almost two years since Nintendo launched the Bowser’s Fury expansion for Super Mario 3D World on the Switch, so what have the Mario team been working on since then?

A new chapter in the Oddysey adventure would go down a treat, or perhaps something completely different entirely in terms of themes/setting. Maybe a 3D adventure game that ties into the upcoming movie? Whatever Nintendo decide with the next Mario game, it would totally top our list of Nintendo 2023 prediction; a must have on Switch!

A render of the Super Mario Bros movie

8. Game Boy Games for Switch Online

Game Boy games. I’ve made a few videos on this now, but it just must happen. It seems like an absolute no brainer now that we’ve got NES, SNES and N64 games available on the Switch. Game Boy games are incredible lightweight and emulate well, plus there’s a huge untapped catalogue to tuck into.

Game Boy Advance for Switch

Handheld Mario, Donkey Kong and Pokemon games would be great to preserve, as well as some of the rarer RPGs on the Game Boy Advance, too. A lot of these games are incredibly expensive and tricky to find these days, so having these available on Switch and with crisp pixels would be a great move for 2023! It’s one of my most anticipated in our Nintendo 2023 predictions.

9. Rare Classic Games for Switch Online

Speaking of Switch online, how about some of the more obscure games being added to the existing catalogues. We already have rare games like Pokemon Stadium and even Goldeneye on the way, so there are possibilities for long-lost games to make an appearance.

Screenshot of Banjo Tooie

I would love to see more Rare N64 classics coming over, license permitting, like Diddy Kong Racing or even lesser-known projects like Jet Force Gemini. Getting games like Banjo-Tooie and Conker’s Bad Furday would be a neat touch.


10. Star Fox Zero Port or New Entry

Next up in our list of Nintendo 2023 predictions: Star Fox. The series is turning 30 this year and has given us several trips into the deepest regions of space. Classic characters, epic bosses, the Switch really needs to tap into the series. We had an entry on the Wii U that looked incredible visually but fell over when it came to those slightly more experimental controls.

A picture of Star Fox Zero on Switch

Reworking it with more traditional control options would be an easy Switch port – Star Fox Zero deserves a bigger audience!


11. Mario Party Superstars DLC or Sequel

2023 is also the year of the Mario Party anniversary, with the series celebrating 25 years in December. As part of the anniversary celebrations, how about extra content in Mario Party Superstars or maybe a sequel that incorporates some of the boards in the more recent outings – drawing from Mario Party 4 through to Mario Party 7 would be a neat touch. Even just adding a handful of classic boards would be a great treat for fans!

A render of Mario Party Superstars

12. GameCube Remasters

At this point, will we get GameCube games on the Switch? My Nintendo 2023 predictions radar says… possibly not. It’s a lot easier to emulate older games than the more recent GameCube and Wii gems. That said, some GameCube classics would be great to have on Switch!

A screenshot from Pokemon on GameCube

Nintendo could well launch a “Classics” collection where certain older games are remastered and available to buy. Super Mario Sunshine is a good example that GameCube games can run and be upscaled nicely. Games like F-Zero GX, Pokemon Colosseum and Luigi’s Mansion would be great to see upscaled on Switch!

13. Splatoon 3 DLC

Splatoon 3 is one of the biggest Switch games of 2022, with a lot of fresh content, weapons, and maps to devour. Is DLC a bit too early? Potentially. But perhaps a summer release with additional content could really boost the game. New story campaigns that expand on the Splatoon lore would be a great way to flesh out the squid experience!

A piece of official art from Splatoon 3

14. Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp

The Advance Wars remakes are a bit in limbo due to Nintendo putting the release on hold and world events, but hopefully there’ll be room in the 2023 line-up for Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp, especially as the game was originally set for release at the end of 2021.

Advance Wars concept art

15. No Switch Successor

The final addition for the list of Nintendo 2023 predictions is something not everyone would want to hear. No Switch successor. Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t one, because of course Nintendo are always thinking of new hardware, but the Switch is still selling incredibly well and there’s still a fair bit of momentum into 2023.

Perhaps a little teaser or hints this year, but nothing concrete until 2024 is my prediction!

Also check out all our Nintendo 2023 predictions in video form:

What do you hope / predict Nintendo will release this year?


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