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We’ve Hit 10k Followers on Instagram!

We’ve Hit 10k Followers on Instagram!

It feels like a distant memory, tucked away in the innards of time and space. We’ll need a certain blue Ocarina to nip back in time and see how it all began! January 2016. Things were rather different then. Nintendo Switch was still being made by a bonkers-professor over in Japan, we hadn’t explored Breath of the Wild yet and we hadn’t printed a single t-shirt.

Now just over three years later we’ve gone on a mammoth adventure, creating a collection of geeky tees, with each voted for by you! It started with a few sketches and a gentle nudge from our creative director Suzie on New Year’s Day. Sherlock, a certain Benedict Cumberbatch, was prancing about on TV and we decided to scrawl a few designs down. See how it goes, as they say. Doodles of the curly-haired British detective morphed into pixel sprites, heroic forest elves and porky plumbers over the years!

You, me and a bucket full of geeky ideas

But we could never have shaped our collection without your support, your feedback and incredibly awesome community vibes. It’s not just a journey as TeeChu – it’s our journey: you, me and a bucket-full of geeky concoctions! We don’t want to simply pop a design on a shirt, but really come together as a community to create something different together! It’s thanks to you that we’ve hit that elusive 10,000 follower milestone on Instagram; something that still doesn’t feel quite real just yet!

Incredible Instagram Creators

It’s also thanks to the incredible creators on Instagram that have inspire our work: through stunning photography concepts, bursts of colour and capturing what makes video games so special. To discover such talented photographers, artists, writers and collectors is a joy to see and keeps us pushing forward and creating. Here are just a few: 11 Awesome Zelda Instagram Pages and some of our favourite Pokémon Instagram pages!

Defying Gaming Stereotypes

Our main mission is to brew geeky tees with classic vibes and simple, punchy looks, but also to use this platform as a push for breaking through stereotypes. We’re tired of the negative associations that still come with gaming: the labels, the assumptions from outside the community, plus the harmful comments from within. There isn’t one type of gamer or a gamer mould; we all come from different backgrounds but come together to celebrate these incredible worlds! We want to change the narrative. To shout out, not to hide away, to embrace the things that put a smile on our face. Stuff the haters!

Lift the Master Sword… to the Future!

So where do we go from here? We’ll be pushing forward with brand new ideas; fresh mini prints and trying to conjure up all sorts of geeky goodness on Instagram, Facebook and Twitch! There’ll also be a 10k giveaway to celebrate… stay tuned folks!


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J is TeeChu's founder and resident artist, a big Sonic and Zelda fan. Born and raised on hedgehogs and forest adventures!

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